Maitri has serviced several verticals with specialized software solutions. The most prominent are all kinds of retail environments. POS, billing, inventory, accounting are our forte. From small garment boutiques to large multi-departmental stores, we have worked with a wide range of retail outlets. For example, our custom-built web-based POS solution for Coffee Day Xpress helps them manage over 600 outlets all over India.

Our photo lab software is an example of a product that addresses the needs of a specialized POS and process requirement.

Integrating backwards from retail, we have catered to a variety of supply intermediaries like distributors, traders and dealers, with software solutions to manage inventory, billing, accounting, sale order and purchase order management.

Maitri has worked with transport and logistics providers automating booking, transport, delivery of goods. These kind of operations span wide geographic area and involve back end billing and accounting too.

Apart from these, Maitri has several customized applications working for business and process control related operations in different environment.